Frequently Asked Questions

What is home care?

Home care enables seniors to continue living at home in an environment they are comfortable with by providing a personal caregiver who is trained and certified by the State of NJ.


What happens if my caregiver gets sick, goes on vacation, or is otherwise unavailable?

When you choose Aleph Home Care, you can be reassured that we will send a new aide/companion to fill in if your caregiver is unavailable.


How is my caregiver paid?

Aleph employs the caregiver and pays the caregiver. There is absolutely no exchange of money between the aide/companion and the client.


How do you document that the caregiver actually provided the services paid for?

Each of our aides/companions will have a client or family member sign that the aide/companion was with the client during the specified hours on the specified date.


Do you perform criminal background checks?

Aleph will not hire a caregiver unless a criminal background check has been completed and the check is clear. Aleph also conducts driver’s license checks, which also must be clear before we hire a caregiver.


Are you bonded and insured?

Aleph’s caregivers are bonded and insured. In addition, we take full responsibility for our caregivers which includes worker’s compensation/on-the-job injury.


What are the benefits of non-medical home care?

Home care is the preferred alternative to a nursing home, rehabilitation center, or hospital. More and more people are choosing to age in place in the comforts of their own home. Our caregivers follow a personalized plan of care and our nurse manager’s guidelines. One of our nurses will visit each client every 30 days (or more if necessary) to assess and update the client’s plan of care. Aging in place in one’s own home is proven to help maintain dignity and independence.


What hours are your services offered?

Aleph provides care from one hour per day to 24/7 live-in care. We offer flexible scheduling and always work around the needs of our clients. We have clients who need us long-term and some that only need us every so often. We always cater our services to the client’s needs.


Do you only provide services in the home?

Aleph provides care in nursing facilities, senior centers, assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation centers as well. We also work together with these types of facilities to make sure we have continuity of care.


Is someone on-call 24 hours a day?

One of our office staff is always on-call. We do not have a third-party answering service and handle all calls internally. We believe in personalized care with a high level of customer service.


Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

Aleph does not have long-term contracts. We will only ask you to sign that we are given permission to care for you or your loved one. We are confident that our clients will continue using our services because of the high level of care we provide.


What is your hiring process?

Aleph has a multi-step hiring process:

Step 1: We conduct a phone interview which includes personality-based questions, as well as work-related questions.

Step 2: If the phone interview went well, we bring the caregiver in for a face-to-face interview with our HR Specialist, as well as our Director, Nurse, or Office Supervisor. Each applicant is asked to supply three non-personal references, identification, home health aide license, driver’s license, registration, and insurance.

Step 3: If the face-to-face interview went well, we conduct a background check and driver’s license check and discuss internally if the caregiver is a good fit for our team.

Step 4: If the background and driver’s license checks are clear and we believe the caregiver is a good fit for our team, a job offer is made and the caregiver is brought in for a thorough orientation with our HR Specialist and Nurse before seeing any clients.


Do you take insurance?

Aleph accepts long term care insurance and private pay. We are not a Medicare provider.


What is the first step after I make the call to Aleph?

Aleph will take detailed information about the client and we will send one of our nurses out to complete a comprehensive and personalized plan of care. This includes an assessment of the physical and emotional status of the client. Our nurse will also evaluate the house and determine if any safety measures need to be put in place, such as side rails, shower chairs, railings on stairs, etc.


Do your nurses provide any additional nursing care?

We follow a Transitional Care Model, which means our nurses can be the liaison for all of the client’s medical care. Our nurses can provide weekly blood pressure checks, at-home dialysis, feeding tubes, colostomy bags, medication management, and much more. Our nurses can also schedule medical appointments and attend said appointments to assist communicating the needs of the client. When we receive a call from a family member or a caregiver that a client is “not themselves,” our nurse immediately visits that client to assess the situation.