About Us

We are “old school” in our approach, but “new school” in our knowledge.


Aleph Home Care provides a high-quality, safe environment that allows you or your loved one to stay in their home. Our team of nurses create and implement a personalized plan of care for all our clients.

Custom Care Plan

When you contact Aleph we will ask questions about you or your loved one .  At the time of the call, we will schedule a nursing assessment.  Our nurse will provide a comprehensive care plan with individualized needs for each client.  Recommendations will be made based on the assessment however the ultimate decision is yours. 

Matching-Caregiver and Client


When we receive the initial call we ask various questions regarding the individual’s personality. We select a caregiver that has similar personality traits.  We want our clients to look forward to the time they have with their caregiver therefore if our client is not 100% satisfied we will replace the aide immediately.

Quality Aides and Companions


Our staff must go through an extensive two part interview process. We have a phone interview and if the in individual is asked to have an in person interview, they are interviewed by two people on our Aleph team.  We ask not only questions about care that they can provide but also have a personality assessment that they must complete.  Caregivers are bonded/insured and have drivers license checks, background checks and reference checks before they are allowed to go through a extensive orientation.


When a family calls us and specifies that their family member has a specific diagnosis, we make sure that our aides have been thoroughly educated on the individual and their diagnosis.  Our aides have access to resources related to each diagnosis.  

For example:

Alzheimer’s and other dementia

  • Importance of continuity of daily routines and schedules
  • Stress free environment
  • Daily reminders
  • Safe environment with room to move around


  • Reminders for individual to check blood glucose
  • Assistance with food shopping and nutrition
  • Educating individual as to what affects the blood glucose levels

We Believe...


We believe that every person, regardless of race or religion, should be able to age gracefully in a place if they choose.


We believe that family should have the ability to hire qualified help to relieve caregiver stress.


We believe in working as a team to provide the best customer service and quality of care to our clients.


We believe in being transparent and honest with all of our clients. We hold ourselves and our employees to the highest of standards.


We believe that the best way to gain trust is by demonstrating ethics and integrity in all of our business practices.


We believe in leading by example and treat all of our employees with respect and appreciation.


We believe in providing ongoing programming to educate the public and be a source of information for the community.


We believe that through constant self-examination we can improve processes and continue to evolve in the ever-changing home care industry.

Our Hiring Process

Aleph has a multi-step hiring process:


Step 1: We conduct a phone interview which includes personality-based questions, as well as work-related questions.  One year work experience required.


Step 2: If the phone interview went well, we bring the caregiver in for 2 face-to-face interviews.  One with our HR Specialist, and one with our Director, Nurse, or Office Supervisor. Each applicant is asked to supply 3 non-personal references, along with identification, NJ home health aide license, driver’s license, registration, and insurance.

Step 3: If the face-to-face interview went well, we conduct a background check and driver’s license check and discuss internally if the caregiver is a good fit for our team.


Step 4: If the background and driver’s license checks are clear and we believe the caregiver is a good fit for our team, a job offer is made and the caregiver is brought in for a thorough orientation with our HR Specialist and Nurse before seeing any clients.